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A1's bike back brake went "ping" and fell to pieces a few weeks ago - I tried fixing it - and failed, but he cycles to college and started his daily holiday job on the day after term ended, we've only had the chance to get it fixed by someone more proficient while he is away for 10 days (actually only 5 remaining days now!).

Given I know that his bike doesn't fit in my car without taking off the front wheel, I thought it would be easier to ride it the mile and a half to the bike shop in the village and walk back. Fortunately I decided to do this in the evening when traffic was quiet, with the plan of going back tomorrow to actually put it into the workshop..

What I hadn't appreciated was that his bike has a crossbar and I'm not used to one of those - and he is several inches taller than I am so I was not able to touch the ground without tipping the bike over quite a long way.. Fortunately there were several well placed high kerbs to help me get on and off safely at junctions - except at the traffic lights... where I needed to slow down so I didn't jump the lights and hope that the lights would change to green before I fell off - fortunately they did.. but when I went to slow down I remembered a little too late the reason that I was taking the bike to the shop in the first place! :)
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