Mar. 6th, 2012

This evening started as had been planned with me collecting A2 for her singing lesson - usually I don't do this bit of the child wrangling, because it is Debbie's day - but today she was due to be playing in a concert... so I volunteered - with the plan of dropping A2 off at the concert afterwards.

However, when I got to Debbie's house, I discovered that she was going to be an unexpected soloist, so instead of dropping A2 off, the plan changed to me attending the concert!

It was a great concert - I enjoyed all of it..... and Debbie getting lots of well deserved applause at the end of both halves..

However (again) when I got out of the concert hall - with the plan to take the kids home with me so that Debbie could go to the post concert party - I found my passenger window broken. I assume someone saw my school rucksack and assumed that it was a laptop bag... they were presumably sorely disappointed with a bunch of past papers and lesson notes. They also moved A2's bag of singing music - again of no interest - though she was a little spooked by the thought of someone going through the bag... and R's violin on the back seat was fortunately not of interest at all.

It looks as if they went down the row of cars, breaking windows of any that they thought contained anything interesting - I gather that the lady two cars behind me lost a lot of posessions... for me it will just be the inconvenience of getting the window fixed.

Overall, the evening was a good one... but with a little sting in the tail.
A2 is going to have braces on her teeth, which will be happening at Easter... and today had the appointment to take out two teeth... She was really brave, and didn't make a fuss... (she later said that getting the anaesthetic was pretty much the worst bit), and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the sofa under a duvet, watching a DVD/playing on the computer and looking miserable.

She is looking rather happier now, having eaten a dinner of 3 (smallish) bowls of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Crumble Ice Cream! (she said she couldn't cope with the pasta that the rest of us were having - or the soup that I had offered as an alternative!)

Her balanced meal is therefore dairy, (chocolate is a..) Vegetable, and carbohydrates... oh and paracetemol.....



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