Jun. 18th, 2012

I know it is part of the job spec, but I did it again... Oddly I didn't get the "Stop Crying MOTHER" comment that I usually get, but they told me one of their friends had asked what I was up to, smiling but with tears running down my face! Ooops.

To explain... tonight was the end of year Music Concert at school... One of the choir items near the start of the concert was a song called "From a distance" that always sets me off (and it has been in their repertoire for several years), and it went downhill from there... emotional all the way!

More calmly, I'm always so impressed at the range of musical numbers that the school presents, and for a smallish state school I am surprised at the number of students involved (I've just checked the numbers... there are 750 students in the school and just over 100 were credited in the programme).. when they all came on for the final number they made a huge group. And of course that was the moment when I realised it was the final song that A1 would ever sing in a concert at that school... so I started crying all over again!



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